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What paints do one use to paint a house?

Thicker paints is better as it will be thicker on the walls surface and wear better and keep cracks closed if a gloss type paint. How to paint exterior would be to use Gloss paint which is better, read next chapter. Rather use painting paints make three thin coats than two thick coats to paint a house. Thick wet paint can cause problems, as the paint can’t dry known as “solvent entrapment” where a skin forms on the surface before the paint can dry. Paints are designed with a flash point of 13 degrees centigrade, meaning the temperature must be above 13 degrees to dry with out “solvent entrapment”. Its like making custard on the stove and when cooling a skin forms on the surface thus preventing the rest to evaporating easily and trapping in the water – solvent. When designing a paint for the house solvents are used in the acrylic paints formulae so the skin wont form before all the water has evaporated.

Painting ideas

On spreading paints depend on the roughness of which walls to paint and the technique of the roller. If you dip the roller and “skid” the over the surface of the wall it wont save you much and cause problems with many paints. How to paint the house is to spread the paint evenly. Roll until the roller changes sound like “tearing paper” then come back to where you started and “pick up” some of the thick paint from the skid area where you started and repeat.
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