Customer Testimonials

Paul painted our house 10 years ago

His careful preparation has paid off and the house is still perfect, with no flaws and no maintenance.

The painted roof inspected by Outsurance said, “The roof is in immaculate condition.”

Best Regards
Brends Evens

Dear Paul

Your team is busy finishing off at my house.  I just want to use this opportunity to thank you and your team (office staff included)  for the professional way you handled the project.  You have exceeded my expectations in all aspects.  Every evening as I got back from work I “inspected” the day’s progress and I was pleased with what I saw.  You were always willing to do the extra work I requested.

I am recommending you as far as I go.

Have a great day and may your business go from strength to strength.


Wiets Botes

Dear Paul,

Your team did a great job and I really liked the attention to the small things, like, vacuuming the carpets each day, wiping the floors, hanging my curtains and hanging my pictures on the walls, in the correct places.

They are accomplished painters and did an excellent job, but it was these other things that gave me an overall great impression. I will certainly come back when I need your services again and will recommend you when the chance arises.

Regards, Chris

Chris Edser

Projects Director, Jethro Limited

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