Interior and Exterior Painting service in Bryanston

Our friendly team will make your house paint experience a pleasure with unmatched service!

We work fast and will finish any size project with in the time agreed to minimise the disturbance to you.

We accomplish this by utilising our 30 staff like a production line with a maximum of eight helpers and their supervisor on site at any time.

We have permanent cleaners dedicated to keeping you house neet and tidy at all times.

The plants are our concern to keep them perfect, using protective wrapping or covers while working around them.

A Portable toilet is available on request.

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Before And After Exterior House Paint

House Painting preparation is started using a 160 bar high pressure water to wash and remove any lose material on the surface like flaking paint, also open up cracks and highlight Rising Damp.
To give you an idea of pressure your car tyres take 2 Bar so 160 is a massive amount of pressure. We adjust this to not damage the perfect areas and open up the areas in need of repair.
We have houses over 20 years old with only two coats of paint, so it’s not necessary to paint every few years, unless you tired of the colour.

Before Painting

After Painting

Before Painting

After Painting

Before Painting December 2016

Before Painting December 2016

After Painting April 2022

After Painting April 2022

Why use us to paint your home?

Our strength lies in our intellectual capital to design and produce materials to repair you home to complement a 20 year painting life proof system.
An example can be seen in our crack repair section where no failures have occurred since using these systems.
Our unique Rising Damp Proofing process is the same for the passed 23 years with the original houses still perfect.
With my onsite supervision you can rest assured that what we discussed in our quoting process is delivered with pride.
Paul is the sole owner with on site supervision.
This company is 13 years old.
Paul has a clean ITC record
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Working hours

Strictly 07h00 until 17h00, Monday to Friday and Saturday by arrangement 07h00 until 12h00.

Working at heights – you are covered, training certificates available on request.
We do have a letter of good standing from Workman’s Compensation available on request.

Various aspects we can waterproof:

* Tops of walls (parapets), chimney, balustrade.
* Windowsills
* Around the windows between the wall & frame.
* Cracks, both structural & stagnant.
* Rising damp from ground water.
* UV Stable, vertical waterproofing point.

How do we produce a 10 year life proof system?

We waterproof the areas and then paint over them, keep the water out your walls.

We manufacture our own paint that are UV-resistant water-based acrylic roof coating, for exterior paint areas use.

Mold And Mildew Resistant Paint has a 10 year lifespan.
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